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Online Foundation Program – brief course description

The general aim is to focus on improving the English language competency and on developing the study skills of students whose English language level is not enough to pursue academic studies and wish to continue their education at our Pre-Medical Track, bachelor degree programs or other Hungarian universities.

Education involves sharing and communication. Our students learn to gain trust in each other and their teachers. They can confide whatever difficulties they may face to us. They have personal attention; we can monitor them closely.


General English – based on English File – OUP – course book

16 classes of 45 minutes a week
This aim of this class is to consolidate and further develop the students’ grammatical precision, to enhance their vocabulary, to deepen reading comprehension, to improve listening comprehension and pronunciation and to put all these into use confidently in writing and speaking. In class, we aim at teaching our students to put the covered material into active use, to speak confidently and effectively including classroom discussions, giving short speeches and presentations, expressing their own ideas and keeping to the point, participating in formal debates and structured discussions.

We cover a wide range of topics including Food, Family, Money, Transport, Sports, Relationships, Movie & films, Schools, and Homes. Our grammar focus is on Simple Present & Continuous, Present Perfect, Past Tenses & Used to, Modal verbs, Conditionals, Passive, Comparative & Superlative, Gerund & Infinitive, Quantifiers, Relative Clauses, Reported Speech.

4 classes of 45 minutes a week
The aim of this class is to understand increasingly challenging texts through learning new vocabulary, relating it explicitly to known vocabulary and understanding it with the help of context and dictionaries, making inferences and referring to evidence in the text, knowing the purpose, audience for and context of the writing and drawing on this knowledge to support comprehension, checking their understanding to make sure that what they have read makes sense, and to read critically through learning how language, including figurative language, vocabulary choice, grammar, text structure and organizational features presents meaning.

Students are provided with increasingly challenging reading materials. Reading is done outside class. In class, students are required to participate in various activities based on the reading material with focus on improving and putting in use their acquired language skills as much as possible. Part of the above mentioned two courses is also to develop writing skills: to teach them to write accurately, fluently, effectively and at length through writing for a wide range of purposes and audiences, including well-structured formal expository and narrative essays, stories, scripts, poetry and other imaginative writing, notes and polished scripts for talks and presentations, summarizing and organizing material, and supporting ideas and arguments with any necessary factual detail. They learn how to apply their growing knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and text structure to their writing.

2 classes of 45 minutes a week
The aim of this class is to enable students to communicate well and effectively in academic environment, to build cultural awareness, and to build a community. The communication class is a unique opportunity for students to put their developing language knowledge into practice in a light hearted, interactive atmosphere. It has been our general experience that students often feel shy when they have to speak English in front of others. The course has been designed to assist them to gradually overcome this difficulty and gain more confidence in oral language use. We create communication situations where students feel naturally motivated to share their thoughts and ideas, e.g. when working on a project together or discussing personal experiences. Each week various topics are discussed using a wide range of activities including pair work, group work, class discussions, debates, short presentations.

There is regular assessment in each subject, weekly – bi-weekly. There are also exams when finishing the first and second half of the course book (English File – OUP).The exam consists of two parts: a written exam including a test in grammar, vocabulary and reading, and a composition part based on given topics related to the course content of General English; an oral exam based on given topics related to the course content of General English.

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通用英语  (英文课件 – OUP)

每周 45 分钟的 16 节课

电影和电影、学校和家庭。学院的语法重点是简单现在和连续,现在完美,过去时和习惯,情态动词,条件,被动,比较和最高级,Gerund 和不定式,量词,关系从句,报告的语音。

每周 45 分钟的 4 节课



每周 2 节课,每节课 45 分钟


每个科目都有定期评估测试,每周或每两周。完成课程书的前半部分和后半部分时还有考试(英文课件 – OUP)。




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