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A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held for the inauguration of the new, five-story building of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Semmelweis University, which is more than 4500 square metres in size and is named after Zsuzsanna Kossuth, the country’s first head nurse. The new wing will house two large lecture halls, skill labs and classrooms to support practical teaching. The investment was necessitated by the faculty’s ever-expanding training portfolio and the increase in student numbers.

The inauguration of the new building is a milestone in the history of the Faculty of Health Sciences (ETK), where many innovative educational concept can be implemented, said Dean Dr. Gabriella Dörnyei in her opening speech.

“the faculty has nearly 3,600 students, whose plenary lectures can be organised more efficiently in the 300 and 178-seat lecture halls. As for the well-equipped, new skill laboratories, they will provide a higher level of training, in line with Semmelweis University’s practice-oriented strategic educational goals”– said the dean, adding that the modern, 21st century environment will be an ideal venue for conferences and other professional events. She recalled that the ETK got ahold of the first renovated wing at the Vas Street block in 2001, then in 2004 teaching started in the second part of the building, and now the building complex between Szentkirályi Street and Vas Street is complete.

The Faculty of Health Sciences is the second largest faculty of Semmelweis University, which provides one of the broadest spectrum of health sciences education in the Central European region, Dr. Béla Merkely pointed out in his welcome speech. The Rector stressed that the ETK is not only outstanding in terms of its size, but also in terms of its dynamic development – regarding the number of students, the number of courses and the expansion of international relations. Thanks to the new building, the venue and infrastructure is now on par with this. He explained that the new wing will make the Vas utca complex a stronghold of Hungarian health sciences education in every respect; the investment will enable the faculty to fully support its current and expanding training portfolio, to provide higher quality training for a larger number of students and to further increase the number of foreign students.

Dr. Béla Merkely also said that the comfort and well-being of students and an inspiring environment in general are essential for a quality education, which is reflected by the building’s community spaces besides the lecture halls. “The competitiveness of ETK, and thus of Semmelweis University, will be further strengthened in Hungary and abroad. We are once again closer to achieving our important goal of becoming one of the TOP 100 universities in the world and one of the 5 best medical universities in Europe”, he said.

The Rector also added that by naming the new educational building after Zsuzsanna Kossuth, the university pays tribute to Hungary’s first head nurse, the founder of the nursing profession in Hungary.

“Those who are well versed in innovation are fully aware that it is worth investing in the future, and it is precisely those developments that help the given profession to the forefront represent the best investments,” said Dr. László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology

The investment was made possible due to the preparatory and construction work of Semmelweis University and the government support of nearly 6 billion HUF, which enabled the project to be completed in 2 years, he said. The minister stressed that the Faculty of Health Sciences is part of the change of gear that characterizes higher education today, and that it can move up the rankings at an even faster pace from now on.

Dr. László Palkovics also mentioned that Semmelweis University is at an impressive position within the field of education, research, innovation and medicine, and reminded that in one year, it has moved up 149 places in the international ranking Times Higher Education. He stressed that the university has taken a leading role at national level in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic from the very beginning, for which he expressed his gratitude.

At the event, Dr. László Palkovics, Dr. Béla Merkely, Dr. Gabriella Dörnyei and Dr. Mihály Medvigy, CEO of the Investment, Technical Development, Sports Operation and Public Procurement Ltd. officially inaugurated the building with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Then the memorial plaque of Zsuzsanna Kossuth, the eponym of the new wing was unveiled by Dr. László Palkovics on behalf of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, and Dr. Béla Merkely on behalf of the University. In the name of the faculty, flowers were laid by Dr. Gabriella Dörnyei, Dean of the Faculty and Dr. Zsolt Nagy Zoltán Zsolt, former Dean of the Ophthalmology Clinic. On the occasion of the event, the Dean of the Faculty of Ophthalmology presented a Zsuzsanna Kossuth Memorial Medal to Dr. László Palkovics, Dr. Béla Merkely, Dr. Lívia Pavlik, Dr. Mihály Medvigy, Dr. Éva Feketéné, Vice Rector for Strategy and Development, Dr. Éva Szabó and Dr. Zsolt Nagy.

Afterwards, visitors were guided by Dr. Zsolt Nagy Zoltán Zsolt to see the new five-story building, which opens onto Szentkirályi Street, with a total area of more than 4500 square metres.

Pálma Dobozi
Translation: Viktória Kiss
Photo by Attila Kovács, Bálint Barta – Semmelweis University

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剪彩仪式是为塞梅尔维斯大学健康科学学院新的五层楼落成典礼举行的,该建筑面积超过 4,500 平方米,以该国第一位护士长 Zsuzsanna Kossuth 的名字命名。新翼将容纳两个大型演讲厅、技能实验室和教室,以支持实践教学。由于教师不断扩大的培训组合和学生人数的增加,这项投资是必要的。 新大楼的落成典礼是健康科学学院 (ETK) 历史上的一个里程碑,在那里可以实施许多创新的教育理念,院长 Gabriella Dörnyei 博士在开幕词中说。 “教师有近 3,600 名学生,他们的全体讲座可以在 300 和 178 个座位的报告厅更有效地组织。至于装备精良的新技能实验室,他们将提供更高水平的培训,符合塞梅尔维斯大学以实践为导向的战略教育目标。”

Béla Merkely 博士在欢迎辞中指出,健康科学学院是塞梅尔维斯大学的第二大学院,该学院提供中欧地区最广泛的健康科学教育之一。校长强调,ETK 不仅在其规模方面非常出色,而且在其动态发展方面也非常出色——在学生人数、课程数量和国际关系的扩展方面。多亏了新建筑,场地和基础设施现在与此不相上下。他解释说,新翼将使 Vas utca 综合体在各个方面成为匈牙利健康科学教育的据点;这笔投资将使该学院能够充分支持其当前和不断扩大的培训组合,为更多学生提供更高质量的培训,并进一步增加外国学生的数量。

Béla Merkely 博士还表示,学生的舒适和福祉以及总体上鼓舞人心的环境对于优质教育至关重要,这体现在除演讲厅外的大楼社区空间中。 “ETK 以及塞梅尔维斯大学的竞争力将在匈牙利和国外得到进一步加强。我们再次接近实现我们成为世界 TOP 100 大学之一和欧洲 5 所最好的医学大学之一的重要目标,”校长还补充说,通过以 Zsuzsanna Kossuth 命名新的教育大楼,该大学向匈牙利第一位护士长、匈牙利护理专业的创始人致敬。

“那些精通创新的人都充分意识到,对未来进行投资是值得的,而正是那些帮助特定行业走在前沿的发展才是最好的投资,”创新和创新部长 László Palkovics 博士说。由于塞梅尔维斯大学的筹备和建设工作以及政府近60亿福林的支持,使该项目能够在2年内完成,因此投资成为可能。这位部长强调,健康科学学院是当今高等教育变革的一部分,从现在开始,它可以以更快的速度提升排名。

László Palkovics 博士还提到塞梅尔维斯大学在教育、研究、创新和医学领域的地位令人印象深刻,并提醒说,在一年时间里,它在泰晤士高等教育国际排名中上升了 149 位。他强调,学校从一开始就在全国抗击新冠肺炎疫情中发挥带头作用,对此表示感谢。

在此次活动中,László Palkovics 博士、Béla Merkely 博士、Gabriella Dörnyei 博士和投资、技术开发、体育运营和公共采购有限公司首席执行官 Mihály Medvigy 博士正式为大楼举行了剪彩仪式。随后,新翼的名字 Zsuzsanna Kossuth 的纪念牌匾由 László Palkovics 博士代表创新和技术部揭幕,Béla Merkely 博士代表大学揭幕。学院院长 Gabriella Dörnyei 博士和眼科诊所前院长 Zsolt Nagy Zsolt Zsolt 博士以学院的名义献上了鲜花。活动之际,眼科学院院长向 László Palkovics 博士、Béla Merkely 博士、Lívia Pavlik 博士、Mihály Medvigy 博士、Éva Feketéné 博士、战略副校长 Éva Feketéné 博士颁发了 Zsuzsanna Kossuth 纪念奖章和发展,Éva Szabó 博士和 Zsolt Nagy 博士。

随后,参观者在 Zsolt Nagy Zsolt 博士的带领下参观了新的五层建筑,该建筑通向 Szentkirályi 街,总面积超过 4500 平方米。


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