匈牙利塞梅维什大学安德拉斯 · 佩特学院引导师专业Undergraduate Conductor Programme of Andras Peto Faculty, Semmelweis University,Budapest- Hungary


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“50 years in the service of people with disabilities”——Andras Peto Faculty,Budapest Hungary

 Conductor [kon’dʌktə] a special pedagogical professional who helps people with disabilities due to central nervous system injury to live as independently as possible through learning.


Andras Peto Faculty,Semmelweis University

The world’s only accredited conductor training -now in English!

Andras Peto(1893-1967) was a ‘ Hungarian doctor whose internationally recognized professional work provided the foundation of conductive education. The history of development and rehabilitation goes back 70 years and the Faculty and its preceding institutions have more than 50 years of experience in conductor training.

 The goal of the conductive education system or more renowned as Peto-method is the rehabilitation of persons with motor disorders originating from the damage of the central nervous system. The method was created by Dr. Andras Peto in the 1940s, whose main idea was that in spite of the damage, the nervous system has reserves and capacity to build new connections. Through appropriate control of the learning-teaching process, these reserves can be mobilized. One of the eminent goals of conductive education is teaching to learn i.e. developing learning skills irrespective of age. The conductive education system provides an opportunity to unfold all sides of one’s personality and simultaneously cooperate with others, prepares for true integration.

Nearly 1,000 children and adults, both from Hungary and abroad, suffering mainly for motor impairments participate in permanent or interval conductive education in a day-care or residential system at the practice locations managed by the Faculty.

 Conductor BA programme

The Faculty offers practice- oriented conductor training by using the balanced blend of tradition and innovation and provides learning programme for students from all around the world.

Rights obtained with the diploma

A qualified conductor is entitled to educate and develop children with motor disabilities, to implement prevailing pedagogical programs and to develop adults with impaired motor performance. During his/her studies the holder of the diploma has fulfilled the requirements of the specialization pre-school / primary school / pedagogical rehabilitation (which does not result in a separate professional qualification) pertaining to conduct or training.

– 43% Practical Training

– Theoretical and practical education integrating multiple disciplines

– Unique training in the world

– Immediate employment opportunity after graduation

– Degree of high prestige and market value

( Lady Diana visited  Peto Institute in 1992 英国戴安娜王妃于1992年访问佩特学院)

All about us

In the footsteps of Ignaz Semmelweis

The Hungarian physician Ignaz Semmelweis was an early pioneer of antiseptic procedures, discovering that the incidence of childbed fever could be drastically reduced by the use of hand disinfection in obstetrical clinics. Semmelweis’s practice earned widespread acceptance when Louis Pasteur confirmed the germ theory. In 2013, the UNESCO recorded him in the list of “the world’s most memorable” persons. The name Semmelweis is a historic trademark that obliges the University to provide the highest quality education, scientific performance and patient care. Semmelweis University is moving forward on its way with an innovative approach and strong determination trustworthily to Semmelweis’s name and spirit.

 Excellence in education, research & innovation and healthcare

Semmelweis University, based in Budapest, Hungary has been a leading institution of higher education in Hungary and Central Europe in the last 250 years. Education, research & innovation and healthcare comprise the University’s three-pillar mission. With its six faculties and doctoral school, the University covers all aspects of medical and health sciences education and the diplomas issued are officially recognized in the European Union and by many other countries around the world.

A trully international community, University students come from more than 70 different countries, and the international student body accounts for nearly a third of the students at the University.

Semmelweis University ranks among the TOP 500 universities of the world*


-training in 3 languages

-32% international students

-11,000 students

-6 faculties

-40 departments and clinics

-4,500 physicians and health professionals

-300+ research groups

-150+ research grants

-8,500 employees

*Times Higher Education World Rankings 2019


A few words from conductors around the world

 “Our role, as conductors, is to support people with motor impairments in their adaptation to the society…. I hope that our creative role spreads all over the world.”——Akira Kawamoto-Japan


“Being a conductor is a thoroughly rewarding and humbling experience and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to train in such a wonderful career…. It’s a privilege to help individuals find solutions to their own problems and assist them to be masters of their own lives; expressing opinions and desires.” ——Kirsten Bairstow-Robb – England


“I arrived to Peto Institute with the first group of Israeli students. It was amazing 4 years: every morning I felt that I am discovering new, meaningful educational principles which I am using in my professional life since then. Thank you Peto Institute to turn me to who I am today.”——Dorli Rozenshtein ・ Israel


“Based on my personal and professional experience, it is not geographic location that defines how Conductive Education can gain space, but rather the ability of its professionals to adapt, implement, and wark together in different environments.”…——Barbara Ngozi Osaigbovo・Brazil


“I arrived to Australia 14 years ago. I instantly felt in love with this beautiful country.”…,Our daily work continues to support and positively impact the lives of many, while usingthe principles of conductive education.”——Eszter Agocs Australia


“Conductors – in general – are a collection of people who usually have exceptionally high emotional intelligence, have a special perspective people and life in general. It is special to be a conductor because of the uniqueness of the method we studied for years.”…——Reka Ambrus ・ New Zealand


“Being a conductor-teacher is more than an occupation – it’s become an essential part of who I am as a person. At the heart of conductive education, you’ll find optimism and the intrinsic value that each and every person has the power to take action – no matter how small the step forward may be.” …——Elizabeth Filkins, Aquinas College – USA


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“为残疾人服务50年” ——  匈牙利布达佩斯安德拉斯佩特学院

 【名词解释:引导师 Conductor [kon’dʌktə]特殊教育专业人士,帮助因中枢神经系统损伤而导致的残疾人通过学习尽可能独立地生活。】


塞梅维什大学 安德拉斯·佩特学院

世界上唯一获得认可的引导教育培训 – 现在英语授课招生正在进行!


引导式教育系统或其更著名的名称——佩特系统的目标是使被中枢神经系统损伤引起运动障碍的患者康复。该方法是由安德拉斯·佩特博士在 1940 年代创建的,他理论的中心思想是尽管神经系统受到损害,但是仍具有储备和能力来建立新的连接。通过对学与教过程的适当控制,可以有效调动这些储备。传导教育的主要目标之一是教授如何学习,即无论年龄大小,都可以培养学习技能。传导式教育系统提供了这样一个机会,可以展现一个人个性的各个方面,同时与他人合作,为真正的社会融合做准备。

来自匈牙利和国外的近1,000 名主要因运动障碍而受苦的儿童和成人,在学院管理的实践地点的日托或住宿系统中参加永久性或间歇性传导教育。




合格的引导师有权教育和培养有运动障碍的儿童,实施盛行的教育计划,并培养运动能力受损的成年人。 在他/她学习期间,引导师文凭持有者已满足为相关特殊学前/小学/教学康复(不会产生单独的专业资格)进行引导或培训的资格要求。

– 43%实践培训

– 多学科融合的理论与实践教育

– 世界上独一无二的引导教育培训

– 毕业后即刻就业的机会

– 高声望和市场价值认可度



追随伊格纳兹·塞梅尔维斯( Ignaz Semmelweis) 的脚步

匈牙利医生伊格纳兹·塞梅尔维斯( Ignaz Semmelweis) 是消毒程序的早期先驱,他发现在产科诊所使用手部消毒可以大大降低产褥热的发生率。当路易斯巴斯德证实了细菌理论时,塞梅尔维斯的做法赢得了广泛的认可。 2013年,联合国教科文组织将他列入“世界上最值得纪念的人”名单。【*注:塞梅维什大学(Semmelweis University)以其命名,中文又译塞梅尔维斯大学/森梅威斯大学】 塞梅尔维斯Semmelweis 这个名字是一个历史性遗产,它要求大学提供最高质量的教育、科学成果和患者护理。塞梅尔维斯大学大学正以创新的方法向前迈进,坚定决心不辜负值得信赖塞梅尔维斯Semmelweis 的名字和精神。


位于匈牙利布达佩斯的塞梅维什大学在过去 250年中一直是匈牙利和中欧地区领先的高等教育机构。教育、研究创新和医疗保健分别构成了大学的三大支柱使命。大学拥有六个学院和一个博士学院,涵盖医学和健康科学教育的各个方面,所颁发的文凭得到欧盟和世界许多其他国家的正式承认。


塞梅维什大学跻身世界 500 强大学之列*

-来自70 多个国家学生

– 3种语言教学课程(英语、德语、匈牙利语)


-11,000 名学生




-300 多个研究小组


-8,500 名员工




“作为引导师,我们的职责是支持有运动障碍的人适应社会……我希望我们的创造性角色能够传播到世界各地。”——Akira Kawamoto 日本

“成为一名引导师是一种非常有益和谦卑的经历,我很荣幸有机会在如此美妙的职业生涯中接受培训……帮助个人找到解决自己问题的方法并帮助他们成为掌控自己生活的大师;表达意见和愿望。”——Kirsten Bairstow-Robb 英格兰


“我和第一批以色列学生一起来到了佩特学院。这4年的经历真是太棒了:每天早上我都觉得我发现了新的、有意义的教育原则,从那时起我就在我的职业生涯中使用了这些原则。感谢佩特学院成就了今天的我。” ——Dorli Rozenshtein 以色列


“根据我的个人和专业经验,定义引导教育如何获得发展的不是地理位置,而是其专业人员在不同环境中适应、实施和合作的能力。”… ——Barbara Ngozi Osaigbovo  巴西


“我 14年前来到澳大利亚。我立刻爱上了这个美丽的国家。 …..,我们使用传导教育的原则,在日常工作继续支持并积极影响许多人的生活 。” ——Eszter Agocs  澳大利亚


“引导师——一般来说——是一群通常具有极高情商、对人和生活有独特见解的人。作为一名引导师很特别,因为我们多年来研究方法的独特性。” … ——Reka Ambrus  新西兰


“作为一名引导学教师不仅仅是一种职业——它已成为我作为一个人的重要组成部分。在引导教育的核心,你会发现每个人都有能力为实现乐观和内在价值采取行动——无论前进的步伐大小。” … ——伊丽莎白菲尔金斯 阿奎那学院 美国

大学短片介绍: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNIKhN052gI


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