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The founder of conductive education,Dr. Andras Peto was born on 11th September 1893, in Szombathely, Hungary as a son of a commercial father and a teacher mother.

Having studying medicine at the University in Vienna and working in various hospitals in Austria, Andras Peto became an experienced neurologist. He was a pioneer in working with children with cerebral palsy by using a holistic approach to overcome any difficulties connected to their neurological motor disorders.

Through his professional and personal achievements, Peto have been actively trying to prove that despite the damage, the nervous system still possesses the capacity to form new neural connections and this ability can be mobilised with the help of a properly guided teaching and learning process. That is the reason why Professor Peto called his method Conductive Education (Latin origin).

In the beginning of 1950, Peto founded his first Conductive Education centre which has been a foundation of the current Andras Peto Institute of Conductive Education and College for Conductor Training in Budapest, Hungary.

Peto began to work with children with cerebral palsy, whose condition had been thought incurable and after a year an inspection committee reported that the children’s condition had considerably improved. He provided motor therapy , special gymnastics, breathing exercises and motor education.

“He put ‘health’ and ‘illness’ on another basis. He approached the problem with bio-psycho-social-holistic view. It appears in his terminology too – there is ‘client’ instead of ‘patient’, a dynamic process analysis instead of the causal approach,  learning together instead of therapy-curing, a conductor leads towards independence instead of a doctor-physiotherapist.”*

He worked persistently until his death. He died in the institute in 1967.

In 2017, the András Pető College was integrated to the Semmelweis University as the András Pető Faculty.

​Peto’s mission and legacy have been carried through the years and the geographical borders; although the aim remained the same – to show individuals suffering from injuries to the central nervous system and their families the way to a full life and to make society aware of the opportunities to help.

​Nowadays, the Andras Peto Faculty of Semmelweis University (also known as Peto Institute) apart from providing conductive care to individuals with motor disorders; also prepares future professionals for implementing and practicing Conductive Education.


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引导教育的创始人安德拉斯·佩特教授(Professor Andras Peto)于 1893 年 9 月 11 日出生于匈牙利 Szombathely,是一位商人父亲和一位教师母亲的儿子。


他的专业和个人成就在于,安德拉斯·佩特教授一直在积极尝试证明尽管神经系统受到损害,但仍然具有形成新神经连接的能力,并且这种能力可以在适当的引导教育和学习的过程中得到调动。这就是Peto教授将他的方法称为引导教育(Conductive Education源自拉丁语)的原因

1950 年初,佩特教授在匈牙利布达佩斯创立了他的第一个引导教育中心,是现在的安德拉斯佩特学院和引导教育指挥培训学院的前身。



佩特教授坚持不懈地工作直至生命终点。他于 1967 年在其研究所去世。

2017 年,安德拉斯·佩特研究所并入塞梅维什大学,成为安德拉斯·佩特学院。




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