2018 Pre medicine summer school (Mc Daniel College)

McDaniel College Budapest

课程地点:匈牙利布达佩斯 麦克丹尼尔学院

Summer Semester in English Language. It is ideal for students whose English language knowledge needs improvement before starting our Pre-Med Track or our degree programs in the academic year 2018-2019.

课程目标: 针对2018年秋季就读医学预科的学生,英文需要提高强化。

The program is planned be given between 18 June and 14 September 2018. The total length is 13 weeks – 24 classes a week. The classes include General English, Reading, English for Special Purposes and Communication.

课程时间:2018年 6月 18日 – 2018年 9月 14日,13周,每周24个课时


The tuition fee is 4830 USD, which includes the tuition fee itself, the course book, an extra gammar book and 6 weekend activities. (The weekend activities are in Budapest and in the country and are accompanied by two teachers. The fee includes transportation and entrance tickets but no catering.)

费用:4840 美金。包含:学费、课本费、额外语法书籍费、周末游览活动费(周末的活动由两个老师带领,费用包含交通费用和门票,餐食需自理)

If the student needs help in finding accommodation, we have our housing service


报名流程:填写申请表格,并发邮件至发邮件至 fay.wang@osen.hk 。我们会有专人负责相关夏季强化语言班咨询,索取申请表格或果有任何问题,也请发邮件。



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