About us

Osen Medicine (Osen Exit-Entry Service (Shenzhen)Co., Ltd), specialize in overseas medical education, training on medical examination, overseas training for physicians, overseas healthy tourism and other fields. We are committed to providing superior consulting services to high school students, medical students, medical workers and hospital administrators. We have established cooperative relationships with more than 20 internationally renowned medical schools around the world, responsible for their marketing, enrollment selection and inter-school cooperation in China and Southeast Asia.
We aim at building the bridge between international medical education and international physicians practice andassist high school students, college students and medical professionals with being the talents of international medicine, so as to promote the development of medical and health services.Supported by strategic layout and orientation of “Medical Valley” and “Medicine Valley” in Shanghai Zhangjiang International Medical Park, we actively make cooperation with first-class medical institutions at home and abroad and establish a platform that can provide domestic and foreign high-endmedical information. In addition, we provide a platform for overseas talents and international frontier medical news in these fields, such as clinicalexperiment, bio-pharming, biotechnology, the development of medical equipment. We explore an integrated model of “going out and bringing in” for medical physicians and make interests for the progress and globalization of Chinese medical enterprise.
After years of development, we start making cooperation with medical schools and institutions from UK, Ireland, Germany, the United States, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland and Japan, and make enrollment and academic communication in these fields, such as clinical medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and bio-pharmacy. Some of excellent graduates have obtained medical degree and medical license, and some of them start to work or pursue doctor degree to make researches on international medical field.
We Offer you consultations on international medicine for whole process. From study schedule, guidance for application, curriculum training and examination training to academic assistance after admission, education tracing and professional psychological counseling, to medical licensing examination training after graduation, career planning, migration for medical talents and vocational training. We will meet your demands with rich experience and medical resources in the context of our capacity.
Each year, we organize overseas medical summer camp and winter camp for students and teachers so that they can investigate study and living environment, education and atmosphere of medical schools and training hospitals in Europe and America. They can also experience local lifestyle, culture and humanity. Making sure that every participant gets the first-hand information about medical schools, including enrollment rate, graduation rate, career prospects and other questions that students and parents are mainly concerned.
With the impetus of being the most professional international medicine advisory body, we are strict with ourselves and deliver the best service. We hope that every student can finish their schoolwork successfully, make achievements on career and realizehis goals. Give the lives with treatment, succession and dignity, regardless ofwealth, class and race; Discover the mystery of life and make contributions to human’s (and other creatures’) lives and progresses.
Because of your presence, tomorrow is filled with possibility!