Semmelweis University (including 2019 Exam Registration information)

Semmelweis University
Application for Entrance Examination for Medical Specialty
Examination Date: 22 May 2019
Requirements: University students, Senior 3 (including International High School IB/A-level/AP)
Examination Contents: Biology, Chemistry, Medical English (written 2.5 hours, oral 20-40 minutes)
Exam Location: Block B, No. 1 Suhe, 668 Hengfeng Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, China [OSEN Med]

The test also applies to  Szeged University, Pecs University, and  Veterinary University Budapest.

森梅威思大学-匈牙利的No.1 医学院现已开放申请!(内含2019入学考试信息)(The exam of Debrecen University will be held on April 18 alone.for details and registration please email to

For more detailed information on the application process, exam registration process, test scope and exam review course of the above four medical schools, please contact OSEN Med.

Tel:021 5100 1869

森梅威思大学-匈牙利的No.1 医学院现已开放申请!(内含2019入学考试信息)
Introduction of Semmelweis University
森梅威思大学-匈牙利的No.1 医学院现已开放申请!(内含2019入学考试信息)
森梅威思大学-匈牙利的No.1 医学院现已开放申请!(内含2019入学考试信息)


森梅威思大学-匈牙利的No.1 医学院现已开放申请!(内含2019入学考试信息)
Why choose Semmelweis University
森梅威思大学-匈牙利的No.1 医学院现已开放申请!(内含2019入学考试信息)

森梅威思大学-匈牙利的No.1 医学院现已开放申请!(内含2019入学考试信息)

Hungary, a small country with a population of only 10 million, has 14 Nobel Prizes, 2 Wolf Prizes, 9 Oscars and 168 Olympic champions. Hungary ranks first in the world in the overall level of education, and medical education and research is one of the most competitive and powerful disciplines in the country. Hungary has four medical schools and one veterinary medical school, among which Smmeweis University is the best.

Semmelweis University’s history started more than 240 years ago in 1769, when Queen Maria Theresa added a medical faculty to the University of Nagyszombat (now Trnava, Slovakia). Not long after, the university moved first to Buda then to Pest (now Budapest) and, once the university settled in its permanent location, a period of great development commenced. The number of departments and clinical beds grew – so much so, in fact, that by 1838 congestion had become so great, that even the Hungarian National Assembly addressed the Medical Faculty’s situation.

On January 1, 2000, Semmelweis University of Medicine (SOTE) merged with the Imre Haynal University of Health Sciences (HIETE) and the University of Physical Education (TF), and was renamed Semmelweis University. With the addition of the Faculty of Health and Public Services in March 2010, the University comprised a total of six faculties, namely the Faculty of Dentistry, the Faculty of Health and Public Services, the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Pharmacy, and the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences until September 1, 2014.

森梅威思大学-匈牙利的No.1 医学院现已开放申请!(内含2019入学考试信息)

Semmelweis’s behaviour started to become unusual. Because of the constant attacks and the serious self-accusation after his discovery about the childbed fever he started to have serious problems with his nervous system.A collection of Ignác Semmelweis’s printed materials on his discoveries related to childbed fever (1847-1861) was inscribed in UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register in 2013.The Hungarian Government declared 2018 to be the Semmelweis Memorial Year to commemorate the “saviour of mothers” on the two hundredth anniversary of his birth.

森梅威思大学-匈牙利的No.1 医学院现已开放申请!(内含2019入学考试信息)森梅威思大学-匈牙利的No.1 医学院现已开放申请!(内含2019入学考试信息)


In Hungary, the most medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists and midwiveshave graduated from Semmelweis University. According to available records, the institution granted a total of 76,297 diplomas between 1770 and 2007. Based on data from the national Graduate Career Tracking System, almost two-thirds (61 percent) of the university’s students found a job within one month at most after completing their studies.

Semmelweis University’s Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry are Hungary’s largest medical and dentist training faculties. A combined 5,500 students study at the two faculties, with almost every second student coming to Semmelweis University from abroad.

Semmelweis University is among the world’s most international universities, according to a ranking made by Times Higher Education. One quarter of its more than 10,000 students are foreigners, who come from around 70 countries across five continents. The university’s various faculties maintain bilateral relations with more than 200 higher education institutions from Europe, Asia and America, spanning a wide range of areas of cooperation.

森梅威思大学-匈牙利的No.1 医学院现已开放申请!(内含2019入学考试信息)

Semmelweis University is a leading institution of higher education in Hungary and the Central European region within the area of medicine and health sciences. Its main commitment is based on the integrity of  education, research and healing, which make Semmelweis University an internationally renowned centre of  knowledge.Semmelweis University is unique among Hungarian universities teaching health sciences. With a tradition of more than 240 years, it has amassed an enormous amount of knowledge, and has granted diplomas to over 100,000 students, many of whom are now renowned specialists in their respective fields. The University’s eminent personalities and scientific results are recognised around the world. The training programmes – offered in three languages – provide up to date and thorough preparation for its almost 10,000 students in response to the challenges of the modern age.

森梅威思大学-匈牙利的No.1 医学院现已开放申请!(内含2019入学考试信息)

As a specialist university, it holds a unique place within the country; its prominent role is demonstrated by the fact that approximately 42 percent of Hungary’s doctors, 70 percent of its dentists, 50 percent of its pharmacists and 27 percent of its health care professionals are Semmelweis graduates.

A truly international community, programmes are offered in three languages(Hungarian, English, German), and foreign students account for nearly a third of the around 11,000 students studying at the University’s five faculties.

森梅威思大学-匈牙利的No.1 医学院现已开放申请!(内含2019入学考试信息)

Students of 72 countries from 5 continents study at Semmelweis University in the Academic Year 2017/2018.
54 percent of the foreign students study in English, 31 percent in German and 9 percent in Italian. 5 percent of the foreign students study in Hungarian.

Number of Students
Number of Foreign Students
Ratio of Foreign Students
4 510
2 225
49 %
46 %
Health Sciences
3 545
Health and Public Services
1 %
András Pető Faculty
School of Ph.D. Studies
7 %
10 996
3 442

Dental Medicine (D.M.D.)

Duration: five years

Tuition: $18,200/year


Clinical Medicine (M.D.)

Duration: five years

Tuition: $18,200/year


Pharmacy (M.Sc.) Five-year system

Duration: five years

Tuition: 12,000 US dollars / year


Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M) (degree awarded by the Budapest Veterinary University, independent from Senmax University)

Duration: five years

Tuition: 10,980 Euros / year


Physiotherapy, Nursing, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical Tourism Management, Ophthalmology, Health Care (Hospice Care), Nutrition

Undergraduate system: four years

Cost: 6400-7200 EUR/year

Master’s degree: one and a half years

Cost: 6200-6600 EUR / year


森梅威思大学-匈牙利的No.1 医学院现已开放申请!(内含2019入学考试信息)Semmeweis university (Ph.D)Provides seven doctoral studies in medical research: molecular medicine, physiology, pathology, pharmacy, neuroscience, and clinical medicine.

森梅威思大学-匈牙利的No.1 医学院现已开放申请!(内含2019入学考试信息)


森梅威思大学-匈牙利的No.1 医学院现已开放申请!(内含2019入学考试信息)

A portrait of Maria Theresa, the Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary displayed in the Assembly Hall of the University, commemorates the founding of the Medical Faculty in 1769, almost 250 years ago.

The University was named in 1969 after Ignác Semmelweis, (1818-1865), the obstetrician who discovered the cause and prevention of puerperal fever in the 1840s, a former professor of Medicine between 1855 and 1865.

It became an independent medical school from University of Budapest after the Second World War and developed into a university teaching medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, health sciences, and health management, as well as physical education and sport sciences.

In 1983, Semmelweis University started to offer medical courses taught in German, and English programs started in 1987. Nowadays, the university enrolls more than 200 new international students each year.

Since 1 September 2014, the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences has been separated from Semmelweis and operates independently as University of Physical Education.

On August 1, 2017  former András Pető College, with its Conductive Pedagogic Centre became part of  Semmelweis University and have operated as one of its faculties since then.

森梅威思大学-匈牙利的No.1 医学院现已开放申请!(内含2019入学考试信息)
*注: 森梅威思大学(Semmelweis University) 的名字也被国内翻译成塞麦尔维斯大学、塞迈尔维斯大学、梅森维斯大学等不同版本。
森梅威思大学-匈牙利的No.1 医学院现已开放申请!(内含2019入学考试信息)

森梅威思大学-匈牙利的No.1 医学院现已开放申请!(内含2019入学考试信息)




森梅威思大学-匈牙利的No.1 医学院现已开放申请!(内含2019入学考试信息)