【OSEN新闻】2015年森梅威思大学入学考试!2015 Semmelweis University Entrance Exam!

Semmelweis University森梅威思大学医学院入学考试



考试时间: 科目
19:00 ~21:30 英文、生物、化学
22:00~23:00 大学Skype 面试

报名材料:申请表、护照 / (身份证)扫描件
考试费用:4,800人民币 / 800欧元
通过考试的考生,可直接就读Semmelweis University 医学院大一年级

关于Semmelweis University 大学的详细信息,请参考链接: http://www.medicine-study.com/37.html  
  Guideline of Topics for the Entrance Exam of Semmelweis University  

  1. Thewritten part includes multiple choice tests in Biology (20 questions), Chemistry (20 questions), General English (40 questions) and Medical English (20 questions). The duration of the exam is 2,5 hours.
  2. Theoral partis an interview with a university professor about medicine related questions and motivation.
  3. Evolution:chemical and biological aspects
  4. Chemical background in Biology:Structure of atoms; Molecules – chemical bonds; Solutions;
    Chemical reactions; Inorganic constituents;Hydrocarbons; Organic compounds containing Oxygen or Sulphur; Organic compounds containing Nitrogen; Carbohydrates; Amino acids and Proteins; Lipids; Vitamins; Nucleic acids.
  5. The cell and its organization(morphology and function): Prokaryotes (viruses, bacteria) and Eukaryotes (focus on cilia and flagella, cell wall, cell membrane, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi, lysosome, mitochondrion, plast, ribosome, centriole, nucleus, nucleolus).
  6. From cells to tissuesof different structure and function (plant and animal tissues as well).
  7. Cell division:mitosis and meiosis.
  8. Anabolic and catabolic pathwaysregarding nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids (photosynthesis, bioenergetics included).
  9. The physiology of living organisms:respiration, ingestion and digestion, excretion, circulation,
    endocrine and neural regulation, immunobiology, locomotion.
  10. Reproduction and development of animals.
  11. Genetics:Mendelian inheritance, human genetics.
  12. Basic ethology.